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6 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

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Six Tips to Keep Pets Safe and Happy this Halloween

STAY IN. Keep pets inside away from trick-or-treaters and other Halloween activities. To reduce stress levels, keep pets in an enclosed room with their favorite toys and with the TV or radio on.

DOORBELL DAMAGE CONTROL. An excessive ringing of the doorbell can make some dogs bark and raise their stress level. Consider leaving a note on your door that asks trick-or-treaters to lightly knock rather than ring the doorbell.

KEEP SWEETS OUT OF REACH. Chocolate and other ingredients can be toxic to animals, so keep it somewhere that they won’t be able to get in. Also, be mindful of candy wrappers and foil – they can be a choking hazard to animals.

COSTUMES AREN’T FOR EVERYONE. Just because animals look adorable in costumes, doesn’t necessarily mean they like it! Don’t make your pet wear a costume unless you’re sure they enjoy it. A simple Halloween bandana can be a more comfortable alternative to a full costume. Check out Lucy & Co.’s Halloween selection!

USE CAUTION WITH DECOR. Keep jack-o-lanterns with flames out of reach of your pets. Or, only use flameless candles to prevent curious pets from getting burned. Also, use caution with fake cobwebs and other decorations that could be a choking hazard for your pet.

ID YOUR PET. Make sure that all of your pets are microchipped and wearing tags with a current ID. Opening the door repeatedly for trick-or-treaters creates plenty of escape opportunities for your pet. If your pet does go missing, a pet ID and microchip will help ensure a quick reunion. Microchips are offered at our HSN Veterinary Clinic. Hours and more can be found here: hsnaples.org/clinic.

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