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Ling Ling’s Search for a Home

Ling Ling found her forever family back in 2007 after arriving at Humane Society Naples but unfortunately, her owner passed away and she once again began the search for a new family in November 2020.

Since December of last year, Ling Ling has been spending time with a foster family. Fostering plays a vital role in caring for the animals at HSN as it gives the opportunity to learn more about how they interact in a home rather than only a shelter environment.

As a senior cat, Ling Ling really has taken to relaxing in her foster home. Some of her favorite spots include underneath her foster mom’s desk, a comfy chair in the office, the kitchen counter and the living room sofa. She likes to join her foster family for TV time at night, curled up on the floor as she is an independent kitty (though will ask for attention when she craves it).

Ling Ling has done very well in an adult-only household with a foster family who understands when she wants to play (her favorite is a catnip cushion) or would rather lounge in the sun on her own. She is not the type of cat who enjoys being picked up or held but does not mind gentle scratches and pets when it is on her own terms. Ling Ling will often join her foster parents on the counter when they are washing their hands as she is quite fond of the faucet and will enjoy a little drink of water.

Ling Ling’s foster family has worked hard on getting to know her and wanted to share what they’ve learned in hopes of finding her a forever home. If you are interested in learning more, meeting Ling Ling or fostering-to-adopt, please email foster@hsnaples.org.

Here are a few photos from Ling Ling’s stay at her foster home:

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