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Abigail’s Tale

Abigail, or Abby as shelter staff and volunteers like to call her, has had a difficult time adjusting to the shelter despite her extended stay of 1 ½ years. At first interaction Abby seems to be calm and social, but the truth is that she is very unhappy and may act out to even her best human friends. During her stay at HSN she has developed a distaste for her fellow felines, making it almost impossible for her to remain co-housed on the adoption floor. Unfortunately, that has limited her housing options to either a small single kennel, which is hard for a bigger girl like herself, or an office with a staff member. Neither situation is favorable to finding Abigail a forever home since potential adopters cannot interact with her.

To fully understand why she has developed these issues, you need to understand life from her eyes. Abigail was raised from a kitten in a household where she had a loving mom and a playful sister. She rarely had visitors, but that was okay because she was happy with just the three of them. After a few years her mom got sick and disappeared, leaving Abigail and her sister alone. A neighbor would occasionally come to feed her and scoop their litter box, but that was all the human interaction she received. Then one day the neighbor came to put her and her sister into carriers, taking them away from the only home they had ever known. Unfortunately, what Abby will never understand is that her mom had passed away, so there was no one to care for her long-term. She was brought to Humane Society
Naples because this neighbor wanted both of them to find someone that could love them like her mom once did.

At first Abigail was shut down, not wanting to eat, or be touched because she was scared and felt abandoned. Life as she knew it was turned completely upside down. Eventually she started eating, but the significant stress of the new environment took a toll on her body and mind, causing medical and behavior issues. Her sister was quick to be adopted, separating her from the last familiar thing she knew. Day after day, month after month, and soon to be year after year, Abigail is passed up by visitors. Is it because she now requires a special prescription diet? Maybe it is because she doesn’t feel good so normal cat behaviors like being petted or playing with other cats upset her? We cannot tell you why, but when you look into her big beautiful green eyes, you can see all the desire she has to get back to the home she once had.

All of us at HSN agree that the shelter isn’t the best place for her and are seeking your help before exploring sanctuary options for her. Abigail still has so much love to give and deserves a life of worry-free living in the comfort of a stable environment. If you or someone you know has a calm home, Abigail would greatly appreciate the opportunity to fill it. This is the time for everyone to open their hearts and come together to find sweet Abigail her forever family.

Please help share her story and provide anyone interested in meeting her with the contact information below for Shelter Manager, Kristin Sampson.

Kristin Sampson
Shelter Manager
239-643-1555 ext. 13


(Photo Credit: KD Photography)

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