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Hey, it’s Misty May!

Two years later, I’m still waiting for a family. Hellooo? What gives?

We most likely haven’t met yet because I would be home with you by now. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Misty May and on June 23, I celebrated my 2nd birthday at Humane Society Naples.

I was a 2-month-old stray kitten when I got transferred to HSN from Collier County Domestic Animal Services in August of 2016 and have not been adopted out since my arrival. This situation, of course, has me thinking… Why am I being overlooked? Am I too shy? Is it my breath?

I am enjoying a good life at this no-kill shelter that seems more like a hotel for pets right now. However, if we are being honest, I am super lonely. It’s been a long 24 months and 2 days without a human connection. I have the occasional acquaintances that come and go from my room, but I haven’t bonded with anyone. I don’t think it’s me… It’s definitely them. Right? Have I just not felt that spark? This place is great, it really is, but I want that “furever home” my roommates speak of.

I suffer from Idiopathic Epilepsy. Don’t stop reading now! I know it sounds scary, but it’s okay. This condition means that I have seizures for unknown reasons. Thanks to the pawesome team of veterinarians at HSN, I am well-controlled and on anti-seizure treats (medications). The vets call it medication, but I like the way they taste and take them with a Pill Pocket – no problemo! Much of my medication is covered through the Cozy Care Cat Club. Enough about this stuff, read about that special adoption program below.

I know there is someone for me. The staff and volunteers tell me constantly to be patient and your human just hasn’t found you yet. Until that day comes, my paws will stay crossed. Tightly.

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Yours truly,

Misty May

P.S. The Cozy Care Cat Club a donor-based program that includes special perks like returned adoption fees after 30 days, health & wellness certificates good for use at the HSN Veterinary Clinic and welcome home packages full of cozy goodies! If you can’t adopt me, please consider a donation to the Cozy Care Cat Fund to help with the care of my friends!

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