Adoption Process and Fees

Adoption Fees


  • Puppies up to 4 months: $475
  • Dogs 5 months – 7 years: $75
  • Dogs over 7 years: Waived Adoption Fee


  • Kittens up to 4 months: $75
  • Cats 5 months – 7 years: $55
  • Cats over 7 years:  Waived Adoption Fee

Small Animals

  • Gerbils, Hamsters, Rats & Mice: $5
  • Guinea Pigs: $10 | Rabbits: $15
  • Hedge Hogs: $25 | Ferrets: $50

Adopting a Pet is Easy and Absolutely Worth It.

Whether it’s a ball-chasing dog, a curious kitten or a cuddly small animal, Humane Society Naples is bound to have the perfect pet for you.

Finding the Right Fit is as Easy as 1-2-3!

Adopting one of Naples’ cutest dogs, cats or small animals is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Search our website and check out all of the dogs, cats and small animals currently available for adoption.

Step 2: Visit our adoption center to meet your pet. Meet with an Animal Care Team member to ensure that your pet is the right fit for you. HSN loves when our dogs go to a home with doggy friends! To be sure it will be a happy sharing of the home we do require a meet and greet of your current dog/s with the potential shelter dog. You are required to bring proof of current rabies vaccination for your dog prior to the dogs interacting at the shelter. This may take the form of a rabies certificate, vet record, or a photo of these documents on your phone.

Step 3: Take your pet home and begin loving your new family member!

If the animal you are interested in has any medical or behavioral conditions, we will also arrange a pre-adoption consultation with one of our veterinarians or Dog Behaviorist.

What Animals Do We Have for Adoption?

Animals of all ages and sizes are available for adoption at Humane Society Naples. Puppies and kittens are always on hand, but because adult animals are less likely to be adopted, we especially encourage adoption of the “old timers”.

Why Consider an Adult Dog or Cat?

Adult pets are especially good for homes where the family is gone all day to school or work. An adult dog or cat can also be a great companion for an older adult. Adopting an adult pet minimizes the surprises – it ensures that the dog is the size desired, whether small or large and allows the family to choose a dog with the desired temperament, whether rambunctious, laid-back, confident, cuddly or shy.

Meet Our Many Available Pets

Humane Society Naples has two facilities you can visit and meet all of our pets looking for homes. At any one time, we may have as many as 200 dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and small animals.

Look for Our Shelter Pets Around Town!

Our Paws Around Town bus allows us to take our shelter pets out in the community to find their furever homes and fundraise for the animals in our care.

Our Commitment

As a private, nonprofit agency, Humane Society Naples has made a commitment to save every healthy, behaviorally sound pet who comes through our doors and to never euthanize a pet because of lack of space. Because of this commitment, there may be times when we are unable to accept every pet due to space limitations. When this occurs, we will schedule an appointment for the next available opening or do our best to help owners find alternative solutions.

For assistance rehoming your pet, visit the Rehome a Pet page.