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Bait Dog now Loved Dog

She stopped and really looked at the fantastic dog in front of her. She is the one who said her time in the shelter stops today. She is the one who gave our special dog a loving home. She is the one helping her discover her full potential. She is the one who created a new beginning for Baby Girl.

This 5-year-old had been through a lot in her past and had a bit of rough time acclimating to the shelter environment. With constant love and reassurance from dedicated volunteers and staff, Baby Girl was able to come out of her shell and put fear behind her.

Baby Girl is doing so well!!! She has definitely made herself at home. She immediately took a nap when we got her home and slept through the night. She does really good on walks! And loves to roll around in the grass! She keeps looking at herself in the mirror too! I don’t know why but it’s so cute. She just stares at herself. Thank you all so much for everything you’ve done for her! I will give her the best life I possibly can and I will keep in contact! I’ll bring her by for her checkups and everything. Thank you for blessing me with her!!!!
Much love,
Cheyenne & Baby Girl

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