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Carbon’s Change of Luck

It may be Friday the 13th but this little, black kitten isn’t letting any bad luck slow him down!

Carbon came to HSN over one month ago when it was realized there was something off with his walking. After learning a neurological exam was never performed, our veterinary staff ensured Carbon received one as well as a medical evaluation by Dr. Morton, medical director at HSN. Soon enough it was discovered Carbon was suffering from trauma to his spinal cord and lower back to the point where he no longer can feel his back legs at all.

Carbon’s ability to walk is a condition call Spinal Walking, where despite his brain no longer able to send messages to his back his legs, he can still walk because of spinal reflexes. You may notice his paws a little turned in because his brain does not register where his feet are. It has lead to superficial wounds and the potential he may have to wear a boot in the future. Carbon also wears a diaper though he is fully capable of using a littlebox but on occasion is prone to having some accidents. He tolerates the diaper and we think it’s because he knows how adorable it looks.

Despite it all, Carbon is as playful as any kitten can be! This three month old does not let his injuries deter him from exploring any space. He loves to climb all around the cat room and even had an adventure up a screen door at his foster’s home. Carbon’s furever home will need to be with a family who understands he is special and may need a little extra attention. 

If you are interested in learning more about Carbon, please email shelter@hsnaples.org.

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