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Chipotle Fundraiser for Humane Society Naples

To help feed orphaned pets at Humane Society Naples, Chipotle Mexican Grill will be donating 50% of proceeds to the nonprofit organization on Thursday, March 29 at ALL three Chipotle restaurants in Naples.

Eat at any Chipotle location in Naples on March 29 from 11 am to 10 pm and 50% of your purchase will be donated to HSN simply by saying you are there to support Humane Society Naples before placing your order. Online orders count, but patrons must pay for their order in the store and mention they are there to support Humane Society Naples.

“This fundraiser is important because Humane Society Naples relies on community support and fundraisers like Cause An Effect to care for and feed hungry pets awaiting forever homes. Many people think that we are associated with The Humane Society of the United States – but that is not the case. We don’t receive any funding from HSUS,” said Johnston.

In order for Humane Society Naples to receive 50% of every purchase, restaurant patrons must:

• Notify the cashier, before paying for the order, that they are there to support Humane Society Naples. If the cashier isn’t notified, HSN will not receive credit for the purchase.
• Choose the pay-in-store option when ordering online and inform the cashier, prior to paying, that they are there to support Humane Society Naples.
• Purchases made with a customers’ existing gift cards will count as long as they mention to the cashier, prior to presenting gift card, that they are there to support Humane Society Naples. Any gift cards purchased during the fundraiser will not count toward donated sales.

For more information about the Chipotle fundraiser for Humane Society Naples, including restaurant locations, visit hsnaples.org or facebook.com/events/1638298976215844.

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