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Let’s Celebrate DOGust!

August is also known as Dogust – that’s right I said “DOGust” not August. The North Shore Animal League has deemed the month of August as a universal birthday for shelter dogs whose owners can’t pinpoint their exact birthdays. Dogust is a great way for these dogs to have an official birthday celebration. Anyone can celebrate this holiday and we’re here to give you some ideas on how to celebrate this special month.

Plan a Party for Your Rescue Pup

Do you have a rescue dog of your own? Well, even if you already have a special day that you choose to celebrate his birthday, there is nothing wrong with throwing in an extra celebration on Dogust 1! After all, shelter dogs deserve to be celebrated EVERYDAY – don’t you agree? If you decide to throw your dog a birthday pawty in Dogust, ask your guests that in lieu of presents for your pup, they bring a donation for a local rescue or shelter. Many list what they need on their websites: like food, towels, blankets and toys. View our shelter wishlist here. And, don’t forget to make your pup a doggie cake! For fun customized cakes, check out our friends Smilin’ Dog Bakery.


Animal shelters are always in need of extra volunteers and DOGust would be the perfect day for you lend a helping hand. Shelter dogs are so appreciative of even the smallest acts of kindness and displays of affection – what better way to celebrate their special day than by showing up to give them some love and donate your time to the shelter’s needs?

Make a Donation

We rely so much on the charitable donations of others in order to continue to thrive and carry out our passion for helping homeless animals. Making a donation to Humane Society Naples is another great way to celebrate Dogust and show your appreciation for our no-kill shelter.

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Donate Supplies

We go through an overwhelming amount of supplies on a daily basis in order to keep our animals healthy and provide an environment that they can flourish in. View our wishlist here to find out what supplies we are currently in need of. It wouldn’t hurt to throw in some birthday treats for the Dogust celebration!

Adopt a Shelter Dog in Dogust

We can’t think of any better way to celebrate this special holiday – can you? If you have been on the fence for some time thinking about adopting a shelter dog, during Dogust would be the perfect time to do it! Talk about making a dog’s day – celebrating a birthday AND finding a furever home all in one day!

Thank you to North Shore Animal League for making it possible for shelter dogs all around the country to enjoy a special birthday celebration. How are you going to celebrate? Share on our Facebook page!

Photo credit: Laura Cecil Photography

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