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Falling in Love

Dear Friend of Humane Society Naples,

Our pets need your love. Some of them had owners who never bothered to train them, some were abused and some were just ignored — given no more thought than a piece of furniture.

These pets deserve the security of a loving family. With your support, we help pets like Bacchus.

This handsome Doberman Pinscher/Lab mix was adopted, then returned. But our staff noticed that his gait had changed. Radiographs showed that Bacchus had a bilateral ruptured cruciate ligament.

Bacchus’ painful injury would require medication for the rest of his life. The injury also brought on behavioral changes.

Your gift now provides the care that pets like Bacchus need when others have failed them. Please give now and help us continue to be there for animals with nowhere else to turn.

There are so many abandoned animals in our community who are counting on us. Please give now to help animals like Bacchus find love.

For the animals,

Sarah Baeckler Davis
Executive Director

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