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Forever Plan for Your Pets Just Announced at HSN

A shocking fact – only 9% of people with wills have made provisions for their pets! That means a lot of pets are at risk if something happens to the people who love them.

This month, HSN has announced a new Forever Plan for Your Pets. The document describing it details 3 simple steps for planning for your pets’ future and outlines various arrangements, both informal and formal, that you can make to protect your animals’ welfare in the event of your illness or death.

Just one of the formal options described is HSN’s Forever Plan. The Forever Plan does not encounter the delay faced with will provisions that have to go through the probate process. It offers immediate care for your pet, lifetime basic medical care, and ongoing communication with future adopters for the rest of your pet’s life. It is particularly well suited to pet owners who may not have family or friends living nearby with whom they can make a special provision for their pet’s care. There is a required minimum future donation from your estate of $50,000.00 to enroll up to three pets.

For a full copy of the Forever Plan outline as well as a Pet Profile that you can use for any arrangement you may wish to create, please click here or contact Kim Hanson, Senior Philanthropy Officer, at 239-438-4624 or kim.hanson@hsnaples.org for more information.

Kim Hanson
Senior Philanthropy Officer
Humane Society Naples
(239) 438-4624

Kim Hanson recently joined HSN’s Community Affairs team as Senior Philanthropy Officer. With more than 45 years in the nonprofit development field, Kim had served for the past 7 years as the Major & Planned Giving Officer for Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in Palm Beach County. She will be posting a monthly blog on our HSN website about ways of saving the precious lives entrusted to us through a variety of charitable giving vehicles.

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