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Foster Tails: Caring for Bubba

Bubba (male, 7 years old) arrived at Humane Society Naples in March of this year. He spent a short time in the shelter before making his way to the home of his foster, Lauren, who spent the next few months caring for Bubba and learning about his behavior in a home so that information could be shared with his future adopters.

As a cat with diabetes, Bubba requires insulin shots twice a day. The prospect of having to administer those shots can be daunting for adopters and often times cats with diabetes are overlooked in shelters. Dr. Ashley Virgilio, a veterinarian at HSN, spoke on the fears and reservations some may have when it comes to adopting cats with diabetes.

“Diabetes is often a scary concept for owners or potential adopters, however, it’s a fairly common condition and is much more easily managed in dogs and cats than it is in humans,” says Dr. Virgilio. She also fostered Bubba for a short time before he found his new foster. “Cats tend to acquire diabetes similar to Type II in humans, meaning it occurs because of lifestyle factors and can sometimes be corrected through appropriate diet control and weight loss. The idea of giving injections may seem nerve-wracking, but rest assured the needle being used is so small that most cats don’t even notice that it’s being given.”

This was foster mom Lauren’s first experience in caring for a cat with diabetes. When asked about any reservations she first had about fostering Bubba she said, “Having no experience caring for a diabetic animal, I was intimidated by the requirement of having to give shots but easily overcame my anxiety when Bubba was so cooperative, and the process was so simple.”

Bubba is back at the shelter as his stay with his foster was temporary but Lauren hopes he finds his forever home soon. “I loved having Bubba with me for the summer and he has been a great companion. He needed two days to adjust to his new living situation but once he did he was cuddly, playful and sweet. He loves being brushed and getting treats. In fact, he gets vocal at mealtime just to help you remember. Once he starts eating is the perfect time to give him his shot with barely a reaction from Bubba. I truly hope he finds a forever home soon since I think he would be a great family member for a nice, quiet home,” says Lauren. “He is a great cat and does very well with his insulin but make sure to keep him away from plastic bags as he finds them to be the most interesting objects to ever exist.”

You can meet Bubba at the HSN Main Shelter during open adoption hours, Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-4pm. Click here to learn more about him!


There is no more personal and impactful way to help animals than by becoming a foster, and Humane Society Naples has a variety of foster opportunities to help save more lives. From giving a momma and her litter a place to crash while they grow, to opening your home to an under-socialized animal, to giving an animal a peaceful place to recover from major surgery – there are many ways to foster and every one means the world to a shelter animal in need. If you are interested in learning more about fostering with HSN, visit hsnaples.org/foster.

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