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Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Like many Americans, you may be planning to have a festive Fourth of July. While putting the finishing touches on your celebration, please take a moment to consider your pets. Keep your pets safe this holiday, with the following tips:

• Keep pets indoors with windows and doors closed.
• Play music to help cover the noise of Fireworks.
• Never light fireworks next to your pet.
• Don’t take your dog to the Fireworks display. The sounds and smells are too intense for them and not enjoyable.
• If you are home, do an activity that your dog enjoys and will take their mind of the noise outside (hide and seek, training cues, tug, fetch, etc.).
• Give dogs a bully stick or chew toy to help occupy their time.
• Tire your dog out by exercising them before the festivities begin.
• Use calming spray or oils (Rescue Remedy, Calming Chews, Lavender Calming Spray).
• If your dog already uses a Thundershirt, put this on them (the Thundershirt should be put on a few days prior to the 4th in order for your dog to acclimate if they haven’t used one before).

• If you are having the party, make sure to keep human food and adult beverages out of your pet’s reach.
• Keep pets in a safe area of your home away from the doors that lead outside.
• Only use pet-safe sunscreen and insect repellents.
• Avoid putting glow jewelry on your pets as they might mistake it for a toy.
• Keep matches and lighter fluid away from your pet.
• Contact your veterinarian immediately if you suspect your pet has ingested any toxic substance.

• Make sure your pet has updated ID tag worn on a secure collar.
• Get your pet microchipped before the 4th of July holiday. Our HSN Veterinary Clinic offers microchipping services.
• If your pet runs away, immediately begin searching your neighborhood, contact your local county shelter, post to community groups on social media and hang signs.
• Contact your local county shelter. Collier: Collier County Domestic Animal Services, 239-252-7387 or online here. Lee: Lee County Domestic Animal Services, 239-533-7387 or online here.

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