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Frannie’s Transformation

Frannie is no stranger to Humane Society Naples. She first arrived in 2017 and was adopted twice but brought back to the shelter (by no fault of her own) until she found a family just right for her in late 2021. Frannie is back with us at HSN due to unforeseen circumstances, and sadly, her condition upon arrival was less than ideal.

During her medical evaluation, it was discovered Frannie was suffering from a combination of untreated endocrine disease (hypothyroidism) and chronic allergic disease. “Her thyroid hormone was basically nonexistent,” said Dr. John Morton, Chief Medical Officer at HSN. “Thyroid hormone is essential for regulation of metabolism, and lack of it will also lead to major skin changes. Once we confirmed her thyroid status (almost immediately), she was started on oral medications to replace the missing hormone.”

That, combined with medicated baths, treatment of her ear infection, and allergy medication, set Frannie on the path of recovery. Her skin is softening and losing the excessive pigmentation, and her fur is already growing back. It will still take a few months of recovery for Frannie to return to her old self, but her progress is remarkable to witness.

Frannie is ready to settle into a new home and is looking for one that gives her plenty of attention and comfortable places to relax. She gets along great with adults and kids, and she has made friends with the other dogs at HSN, so she has the potential to have a canine sibling at home too! She is a sweetheart who needs a home to showcase her best doggie self. Frannie is available for adoption at the HSN Main Shelter and you can learn more about her by viewing her Adoption Profile.

Interested in meeting Frannie? Stop by the HSN Main Shelter, open Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-4pm.

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