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Over the past 18 months, Humane Society Naples has faced overwhelming challenges to our core mission of sheltering animals in times of need, finding them new forever homes, and advocating for responsible pet ownership.

Thanks to the incredible kindness of people across our community who support our life-saving mission, we have been able to accept more than 2,500 dogs, cats, and other pets into our shelter since early 2020, give them the love and care they deserve, and find them happy, new life-long homes.

But there is still so much more to do. Far too many animals in our region are in desperate need of shelter, food, and medical care, and we are determined to do everything we can to save and serve them all.

You have a unique opportunity to truly help us make a difference.

Charlotte's Story

When the pandemic first began, Amanda and Kyle Goodwin were faced with the difficult decision of homeschooling their young daughter Charlotte due to ongoing health problems and the risks of what exposure could mean for their little girl and her younger brother, Wesley. Concerns about her mental health were prominent as this meant isolation from other children and missing the experience of attending school in person, among other normal things in a child’s life.

Amanda and Kyle sought an outlet to give their children a semblance of normality and it was then they decided to visit the Humane Society Naples von Arx Adoption Center in North Naples. One visit turned into another, and another, and Charlotte soon became a regular in the kitten room at the adoption center. Her natural love of cats led to a conversation about fostering, which Charlotte viewed as an opportunity to “train up” the kittens and teach them the kindness of humans, giving them all the tools to find a loving, forever home.

Because of the generosity in our community, Humane Society Naples is able to have facilities like the von Arx Adoption Center that can nurture a love of animals in future generations in addition to caring for the animals and finding them new homes. We encourage you to watch Charlotte’s impactful story and help us continue making a difference in lives across our community and beyond by donating today.