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We’ve already begun implementing our emergency plan to prepare for a possible major hurricane threatening southwest Florida next week. We will be ready for whatever mother nature throws at us. But beyond that, we also want to prepare to go the extra mile to help other shelters across our area who may not have the resources and infrastructure in place to weather the storm. And we also need to be ready to assist local pet owners in need of support or shelter for their animals in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane.

Your generous donation today will help us help others in need. Our contingency plans in preparation for the storm include:

  • Temporarily transporting some of our shelter animals out of harm’s way to make room for animals from other local shelters and from the community. Our main shelter in Naples is designed and built to withstand strong storms.
  • Conducting a free pet vaccination clinic at HSN for people who need to immunize their pets before entering pet-friendly emergency shelters.
  • Extra food, water and medical supplies not just for our animals, but also for our foster families, and for any animals we shelter temporarily for people forced to seek shelter before or after a storm.
  • Dispatching our Mobile Veterinary Clinic to outlying areas hard hit by the storm to provide medical care for animals injured or displaced by the hurricane.

Thanks to the support of our community, we know we have a sound plan in place to make sure our animals will be safe next week. With your help, we can also be prepared to step up for others in need. We hope you will consider a gift today to help us with these efforts.

Please be safe,

Sarah Baeckler
Chief Executive Officer

PS: Please print or save the Emergency Pet Preparedness tip sheets to help you plan for the storm.

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