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Help Kristin

Meet Kristin! She is a Holiday miracle if we’ve ever seen one.

Kristin came to us through our partnership with Collier Domestic Animal Services. Three weeks ago, an officer found her wandering the streets and immediately knew she was in trouble. She was rushed to Emergency Pet Hospital of Collier County for evaluation and at the same time, we received a call for help in treating what would turn out to be life-threatening injuries.

Once stabilized, it was discovered Kristin has multiple injuries that would require immediate and long-term care. Both of her back legs had been broken, she had a pelvic fracture and a spinal injury; the surgeries and other treatments would mean she will be with us for a long time before she’s ready for her forever home.

Thanks to donors and supporters like you, I was able to say, “yes we can help” without a moment’s hesitation. I knew, with your ongoing support, we didn’t have to worry about the space to give her a home while she healed, the money it may take to provide the surgeries and care that would save her life. Kristin is just one example of the reason my job means so much to me – I know I am not in this alone.

During this season of giving, please consider a year-end gift to Humane Society Naples. You are quite literally saving a life – like Kristin’s.

Kristin has had her first surgeries; she’s stable and comfortable in the hands of our animal care team. Watching her get stronger and better every day means the world to every person here and we know it means the same to you!

Thank you for being a part of Humane Society Naples in 2017 and thank you for making one final gift to help make sure we never have to say no when that call comes for help.

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Update: December 20

Kristin is now a few days past her extensive surgery and is doing very well all things considered. We have placed her into foster care with one of our incredible foster families, The Bakos. Sue B. reports that “She is walking great after surgery for having two broken legs. She is so sweet and likes to give us kisses. She enjoys sitting on our laps, having her belly rubbed and playing with her toys”. She will certainly be resting well tonight out of the sometimes hectic shelter environment.

Update: December 23

Supervised playtime without the ecollar. She still tries to lick her stitches if we don’t stop her. Had a rough time getting to sleep last night. She whined and barked over an hour last night before going to sleep. Two previous nights she was fine.


Update: December 27

Kristin has been so brave to face all of her injuries and surgery just before Christmas. We hoped she was on her way to recovery, but that turned out not to be the case. We found out yesterday that one of Kristin’s plates in her leg broke in half. That means she is going to have to go back into surgery tomorrow to try and repair it again.

Kristin is comfortable in her foster home with The Bakos Family tonight before her surgery in the morning. Everyone is pulling for her. She deserves the same safe and happy life as all our pets do – and we will do everything we can to make sure that happens. We know you care about Kristin and promise to keep you updated as soon as she is out of surgery.

She has a long road, but thanks to YOU, we are able to do whatever it takes!

Update: January 4

Kristin’s second surgery to replace her plate and screws went very well. In the words of Dr. Potanas at Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists, “Humpty Dumpty is back together again”. She is now back in foster care with The Bakos Family.

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Update: February 1
Sweet little Kristin is doing well! She is still in foster care and has about a month or so left of recovery. It’s been a month since her second surgery and all seems to be working as it should.
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Update: February 28
Last week, Kristin was returned from foster care. She was evaluated by our Intake Team the following day where she received a “good to go” on her last checkup. Kristin hit the adoption floor at our Coastland Center mall location a couple of days later. Your dedication to Kristin has officially paid off. We are excited to report that on February 25, this sweet little girl found a loving furever home! We thank you once again for your support! Kristin wouldn’t be with a family right now without your generosity.
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