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Help Us Stop the Sale of Dogs and Cats

Recently, the Board of County Commissioners agreed to consider the idea of banning the retail sale of dogs and cats in Collier County. Currently, there is no company offering cats and dogs for sale in a retail space, but a proposed pet store that would sell them is under construction.

Humane Society Naples joins other leading animal care organizations in opposing the retail sale of dogs and cats as it presents critical animal welfare, public health and safety, and consumer protection concerns. Of particular importance to Humane Society Naples’ mission is finding homes for the many unwanted animals in Collier County and beyond. We have and will continue to work with any retail partner that places healthy adoptable animals in their centers.

Tell commissioners why you support a ban on the retail sale of dogs and cats in Collier County.

Donna Fiala: Donna.Fiala@colliercountyfl.gov
Andy Solis: Andy.Solis@colliercountyfl.gov
Burt Saunders: Burt.Saunders@colliercountyfl.gov
Penny Taylor: Penny.Taylor@colliercountyfl.gov
Bill McDaniel: Bill.McDaniel@colliercountyfl.gov

You can email each commissioner directly. The more voices they hear in support of a ban, the more likely it is to become a reality. A ban on the retail sale of dogs and cats would be a victory for the animal rescue organizations in our county and, most importantly, a big win for the animals we all serve.

Please remember to be civil as we want these civic leaders to respect our opinions on this critical matter.


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