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Holiday Pet Safety Tips

More than any other time of the year, the holiday season presents an extended period of health and safety issues for our pets. From holiday decorations, meals and visiting relatives, our pet’s daily routine is often disrupted. Prepare your pet(s) for the holiday season with the following tips:


  • Secure your Christmas tree to the wall or ceiling away from furniture that can serve as a springboard for your pet. Place your tree near an outlet so you don’t have to run electrical cords long distances.
  • Chewing on cords may cause serious injury or burns. Place electrical cords higher than your pet can reach or hide them with special covers.
  • Keep ornaments high on the tree, away from curious pets. Replace tinsel and garland, which may be dangerous if eaten by your cat or dog, with velvet bows or ribbons.
  • Sweep up the pine needles that drop on the floor. Discourage your pet from drinking the tree water.
  • Avoid toxic plants and flowers like poinsettias, mistletoe, ivy, holly berries, and lilies. Safe alternatives include silk and plastic artificial flowers.


  • You may love to treat your pets to holiday leftovers, but any change in diet may cause indigestion.
  • Bones can tear up or obstruct your pet’s digestive system. Cooked turkey bones can easily splinter.
  • Skip the people food in favor of holiday pet treats. Just be sure to give them to your pet in moderation.
  • Candy and sugar may give your pet intestinal problems. Chocolate can be especially dangerous for pets.


  • Crowds and holiday festivities may frighten some animals. If your pet does not like loud noises and large groups of people, set aside a safe and quiet place as a retreat.
  • Keep all doors closed. A scared pet might use an open door as an opportunity to escape.
  • Monitor all interactions with your pet around children and new visitors to the home.

Health & Safety

  • Research your local emergency vet clinics before the holidays. Most regular veterinary practices will be closed, so it’s important to know where to take your pet in case of emergency.
  • If your pet does get lost, please contact Collier County Domestic Animal Services at 239-252-7387.

Humane Society Naples and the HSN Veterinary Clinic will be closed on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day and will reopen on Wednesday, December 26th at 11 am. Animal Specialty Hospital of Florida and Specialized Veterinary Services will be available around the clock for emergencies.

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