Are you ready to open your home to a furry friend for the paw-lidays but not quite sure you are ready to adopt? Home for the Paw-lidays is the opportunity for you!

Home for the Paw-lidays is a foster-to-adopt program. Every day outside of the shelter reduces stress on our residents while helping them get ready for their forever home. The more residents we can place, the more animals in need we can take in and help find a forever home.

How it Works

All of our Home for the Paw-lidays fosters will be provided with everything you need to help your foster settle in for the holidays.

  • Participating in this program does not require a special appointment! You can visit our shelter during open hours to speak with an adoption counselor and let them know you are interested in foster-to-adopt this holiday season. They can assist in pairing you with an animal that fits your lifestyle.
  • You will go home with:
    • Food, bed, collar and leash for dogs, litter and litter box for cats, and toys galore
    • Dog foster-to-adopt families will be offered unlimited personal dog training sessions with a member of the amazing Humane Society Naples Behavior Team for the duration of your 2-week foster period
    • Support from the HSN Animal Care and Behavior teams

As the foster, you will provide:

  • A loving home for up to 2 weeks and an open heart to consider adopting your paw-liday rescue
The best gift our shelter residents could get this year is a home. Will it be yours?

Home for the Paw-lidays Candidates

von Arx Adoption Center

Audry | 3 | Female
Kamilla | 10 | Female
Tweed | 5 | Male
Abigail | 9 | Female
Mando | 12 | Male

HSN Main Shelter

Champ | 1 | Male
Cypress | 3 | Female
Sangria | 5 | Female
Janelle | 1 | Female
Lulu Belle | 2 | Female
Bonded with Minnie
Minnie | 1 | Female
Bonded with Lulu Belle
Rumple | 9 | Male
Vlad | 6 | Male
Inde | 4 | Male
Issy | 7 | Female
Cliff | 6 | Male
Vanek | 12 | Male

Oaks Kennel Building

Dogs at this location do require an appointment to meet. Please contact if you are interested in fostering any of the dogs found below.

Cooper | 2 | Male
LeRoy | 6 | Male
Presley | 7 | Male