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Hospice Home for Puck

For dogs that come through our doors with untreatable terminal illnesses, Humane Society Naples offers hospice adoptions. As you can imagine, it takes a very selfless, compassionate and strong individual to do this.

Earlier this month, 7-year-old Puck was surrendered to HSN due to his declining health. After an initial exam by our veterinary team, he was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer, Hemangiosarcoma of the skin and subcutaneous tissue on his abdomen.

This is an ugly cancer of blood vessel origin that carries a grave prognosis. The mass was surgically removed, but due to the location and large size, there were tumor cells left behind in the body. This is aggressive cancer that will most likely return and may have already spread to distant locations (abdominal organs, internal lymph nodes, lungs, etc). According to the pathology report, the overall median survival time is 172 days while 25% survive to one year.

Puck is sweet, gentle and an affectionate companion. He seems to be house-trained, quiet and wants nothing more than a comfy place to be and a person’s presence. Puck is an absolute gem!

We are looking for a hospice home for Puck to spend the rest of his time comfortably. Hospice means taking Puck in as your own and loving him fiercely until it is his time to pass. Providing hospice care for an animal is a big commitment and a rewarding experience. If you are interested in providing a loving home for Puck for the last several months of his life, please contact us.

Hospice adoptions aren’t cheap, but Humane Society Naples will cover all of the medical costs performed at our HSN Veterinary Clinic. When the time comes for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge, we believe in their hospice home, surrounded by the people (and animals) they love, is the only way to honor these sweethearts.

If you think you might be the right person to give Puck a loving home during his final days, please contact Kristin at shelter@hsnaples.org. If you want to help us find homes for Puck and other animals like him, please click below to support our work.

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Update – June 2: Puck found his loving hospice home today! We are thankful this family chose to open their hearts and love him fiercely for the short amount of time he has left.

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