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HSN Announces Launch of Rescue Recess

Humane Society Naples is excited to announce the launch of our new field trip program, Rescue Recess! Rescue Recess pairs visitors with adoptable dogs for an unforgettable day outside of the shelter. These outings will help our adult dogs manage kennel stress, burn off energy and get more exposure in the community.

Thanks to Maddie’s Fund, HSN is able to provide visitors with a backpack full of essential field trip items including an adopt me vest, leash, collar, first aid kit, bottled water, list of suggested local places to visit and other supplies. Rescue Recess requires minimal training for participants that will be offered by our Animal Care Team.

The goal is to encourage members of the public, who normally wouldn’t have time to volunteer, to engage with our no-kill shelter and advocate for the animals up for adoption. For more information on Rescue Recess, email Anne at recess@hsnaples.org.

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