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Humane Society Naples Partners with Collier County Sheriff’s Office to Rescue Dog in Animal Abuse Case

Humane Society Naples assisted the Collier County Sheriff’s Office in a recent animal cruelty case by providing safe haven to a young dog named Diesel. Diesel had allegedly endured cruel and inhumane treatment at the hands of his owner. His former owner has relinquished his rights in Diesel, ensuring a safe and happy future. Charges for third degree felony animal cruelty are pending against Diesel’s former owner.

“Thank you to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office and their dedication to saving this dog,” said Sarah Baeckler, executive director of Humane Society Naples. “Our first and primary concern was for this sweet pup’s safety and protection. Since his arrival at HSN, we have provided him with a quiet, safe and stress-free environment surrounded by loving, caring people.”

“We are thankful that Diesel is safe and we are grateful to our terrific partners at Humane Society Naples for the care and nurturing they have provided to him,” said Sheriff Kevin Rambosk. “Cases like this demonstrate the value of our Animal Cruelty Investigations Alliance and the work our detectives and alliance partners do to protect our community’s animals.”

Despite his ordeal, Diesel’s spirits are surprisingly good. He was nervous, shy and shut down upon arrival but showed no signs of aggression. He has spent the last month working with HSN’s professional team to learn what love is all about and regain his trust in people.

“This dog’s resilience has touched my heart,” said Baeckler. “He has turned into a playful happy puppy, and we have all fallen in love with him. We can’t wait to see how he blossoms in a new home with safe and loving adopters.”

HSN’s generous supporters make it possible to provide the expert resources to treat and shelter Diesel both medically and emotionally.

Please note: In order to ensure Diesel’s privacy and safety, his adoption details will not be released.

For more information, contact:

Sarah Baeckler, Executive Director (239) 438-4621

Dave Feenan, Director of Development and Marketing (239) 643-1555 ext. 41

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