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HSN Update: von Arx Adoption Center Open for Adoptions

Until further notice, the HSN Main Shelter will remain closed for adoptions so we can put all our energy into getting animals out of harm’s way. The von Arx Adoption Center and HSN Veterinary Clinic have resumed regular operating hours. Donations can be made online at hsnaples.org/donate or delivered to the main shelter (370 Airport Pulling Rd. N). If you are interested in donating supplies, please consider donating a gift card as we are at storage capacity for donations.

Humane Society Naples continues to focus on an unprecedented animal rescue campaign in the wake of Hurricane Ian. We are working with partners across Florida to clear their shelters by transporting animals to partner organizations out of state. This makes room for the expected arrival of animals lost or displaced by the storm. HSN has transported over 500 animals to 17 different partner organizations and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

IMPORTANT: All animals being transported out of Florida were already in shelters prior to the storm. No pets lost or displaced by the storm are being transported out. They will remain in the local shelters to give families an opportunity to reunite with them. Any animals lost or displaced by the storm should be reported to your local Domestic Animal Services.

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