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Kitten Season is Upon Us

Every spring, hundreds of pregnant cats and newborn kittens fill the cages and rooms at Humane Society Naples. It seems that as the weather warms, a feline frenzy begins, which is why spring is often called “kitten season” in the animal rescue community. But this June, celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month by adding a new furry feline friend to your family. Cats make fabulous companions! Whether it’s a spunky young kitten or a mellow and cuddly adult cat, chances are HSN has a wonderful cat – or two – for you. Before you head out and sign the adoption papers, HSN encourages you to keep a few things in mind.

Make sure everyone in your household is ready to welcome a new best furry friend and that includes discussing how to make your cat as comfortable as possible during the transition period from shelter environment to home life.

Prepare ahead of time by making a budget for both the short-term and long-term costs of adding a cat to your clan. HSN has a full-service veterinary clinic on-site at their main shelter on Airport-Pulling Rd. Read more about the clinic services at hsnaples.org/clinic.

HSN’s knowledgeable Care Team can help pick a cat that matches your personality and lifestyle. Remember that all cats require attention, affection, mental stimulation and plenty of exercises to be happy, healthy pets. HSN suggests that in some circumstances, it might be best to adopt two cats together to keep each other company.

If you aren’t in the market to adopt a cat or kitten right now, there are still plenty of ways for you to help this Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Tell your friends and family about the dilemma of orphaned cats in shelters and encourage them to get involved. Take to social media and spread the word about the no-kill shelter’s adoptable felines. Visit hsnaples.org/ways-to-help to see about supply needs to help them care for the new kittens coming in.

Or simply donate now.

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