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Kitten Season

Every spring, hundreds of pregnant cats and newborn kittens fill the rooms at Humane Society Naples. It seems that as the weather warms, a feline frenzy begins, which is why spring is often called “kitten season” in the animal rescue community.

If you come across kittens outdoors we ask you to follow this saying: “If you see, leave them be.” More often than not, their mother is away hunting for food and the kittens are better left alone. If the mother does not return after more than eight hours, then you can consider calling your local animal services for further guidance. Check out this short Youtube video on what to do if you come across kittens outdoors!

  • Collier Domestic Animal Services: (239) 252-7387
  • Lee County Animal Services: (239) 533-7387
  • Labelle Animal Control: (863) 675-3381
  • Clewiston Animal Control: (863) 983-1474
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