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Nail Trimming Tips

An important part of a pet’s grooming is the regular trimming of their nails. Most owners are nervous about clipping their pet’s nails, but if you begin while they are young, you will find it is very easy to do and you will get them used to being still for this part of the grooming process so that it’s not something to dread. Check out these helpful tips from our Medical Director John Morton, DVM.

  • When possible, start young! Getting your pet used to nail trimmings as a puppy or kitten will make it much easier as an adult.
  • Always be patient and cautious. If your pet is unsure about having their feet touched, go slow. Start by gently touching their feet while giving treats, and slowly work your way up to trimming.
  • Always make it a positive experience! Give lots of treats, affection, and positive reinforcement when your pet is doing well.
  • Don’t trim too much at one time. If you are unsure, trim small amounts frequently. There are a really robust blood and nerve supply to the toes which can be inadvertently clipped.
  • It is often easier to do with two sets of hands. Have a friend or family member help.
  • Trying to keep it relatively short and to the point. Feel free to reward or move these around as you see fit.

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