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National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day! This important day began in 2004 founded by pet lifestyle expert and author, Colleen Paige, to recognize all dogs and everything they do for us. This day was created to honor dogs and to show our deep appreciation for the impact they have on our daily lives, but to also bring awareness to orphaned shelter pups in need of a home of their own.

So if you’re looking for a new best furry friend to add to your family, this might be the perfect day to visit Humane Society Naples!

Why adopt a dog? Well, there are lots of benefits to owning a dog! Below are just a few that dogs provide us with:

  1. Your physical health
    Dogs help you stay in shape and lower your blood pressure. They need exercise and they can be the perfect workout buddy for you to also get the exercise you need to stay healthy.
  2. Your emotional health
    Dogs are great for stress management and relief, which in turn reduces your medical expenses and also extends your lifespan. Dogs can also lift your spirits and make you feel comfortable – improving your mood and decreasing loneliness.
  3. Endless entertainment
    Your dog can provide you with countless hours of entertainment and laughs. They also provide you with many activities to do! You can take your dog to the park, local breweries, shopping centers or just a walk around the neighborhood.

Remember that it’s always important to take some time to appreciate the ones who always greet us with happy smiles, wagging tails and unconditional love. Even when we might not give them the constant attention they desire, they still continue to shower us with smooches and endless cuddles. And for that reason, this day is all about honoring our dogs!

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Photo credit: Laura Cecil Photography

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