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National Love Your Pet Day

Although we love our pets every day, National Love Your Pet Day is one day out of the year that we give a little extra attention and love to our furry family members. Simply spending some extra time with your pet today is one way to celebrate this holiday, but if you need some more ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Take your pet for a walk

This may already be apart of your daily routine, but today is all about showing your pet how much you care about them so take a stroll and appreciate the time you spend with your pet today.

Sit down and have an extra long pet or cuddle session with your pet

Physical contact with your pet increases bonding, make some time today to let your special relationship grow!

Give your pet a special treat

Our pets love treats and we love making them happy! Show them some extra love today with a special homemade treat or just something different from their everyday treat.

Whatever you do today, spoil and appreciate your pets! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalLoveYourPetDay and #HSNAlumni to share your love for your pet with everyone.

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