With your help, we save lives!

At Humane Society Naples, we save lives. Every animal comes to us with a story, and every animal deserves the very best. Sometimes one particular story really grabs you by the heart and yanks, and for me, that’s what happened with a little sweetheart we now call Bear. He wiggled his way into my heart and eventually, my home.

His story before we met is almost unspeakable, but you need to hear it.

In February of 2022 two people called the Collier County Sheriff’s office and reported hearing a man severely beating his dog. They said it had been happening for about 45 minutes and that this wasn’t the first time they’d seen it happen. A witness was later quoted in an NBC2 News report stating, “I’ve seen him beat that dog until he couldn’t breathe anymore, sit down, compose himself and then go back to beating him again.”

Bear was removed from the home and examined by a forensic veterinarian, who found both old and new bruises and, according to an NBC2 News report, determined that the animal suffered “intentional, non-accidental acts of blunt force trauma consistent with unnecessary and repeated suffering and cruelty.”

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As you know, working in this field can be tough. It’d be so easy to spiral into distrust and despair with all the stories like Bear’s. But I like to look for the good stuff. Bear has helped me learn so much about forgiveness.

The way Bear healed is a testament to both his tenacity and our amazing staff at HSN who provided behavior training, care, and loving attention. Most of all, our staff collectively provided a safe environment for Bear to settle into, and I could not be prouder of our work with him.

Everything we do at HSN is thanks to our incredible family of donors who share our unwavering commitment to our animals, especially those like Bear. Please consider supporting our mission with a contribution today during this special matching gift opportunity. Animals like Bear need you now more than ever.

On behalf of all our animals, thank you in advance for your love and support.

Sarah Baeckler
Humane Society Naples CEO