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Overlooked No More

Humane Society Naples and other animal shelters struggle to find homes for animals in certain categories: senior, independent, dark-coated, etc. So it also makes sense that these are the animals that stay in the shelter longer, taking up space needed for incoming animals and increasing the average length of stay. Every additional day an animal remains in our care costs money in the form of staff and volunteer time, food, medication and much more.

In October 2017, a hunky Heinz 57 named Myrl was rescued from Collier County Domestic Animal Services.

Days turned into weeks that turned into months. New kennelmates came and went. Potential adopters would ooh and ahh, but no joyful outcome. He still had hope.

On June 19, his luck changed and Myrl found his people! He was with us for 250 days, but thanks to tv spots with NBC2, photos of him with big plush toys in his mouth and a fun Facebook Live asking followers to guess his breeds, eventually caught this family’s eyes.

HSN staff and volunteers celebrate Myrl’s exit

Myrl’s big moment with NBC2 Meterologist Jason Dunning

We cannot stress it enough. Long-term dogs (and cats) are wonderful! They are unique. They are beautiful. They are handsome. They are smart. They are goofy. They are athletic. They are awkward. They are adorable. They are loyal. They are running buddies. They are couch potatoes. They have likes and dislikes and opinions and personalities all their own. They are an incredible and diverse group of pets and one of them is perfect for the role of your new best furry friend.

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We’ve already received a pupdate from Myrl: “Exhausting day of excitement. I haven’t marked once, ate some dinner, drank some water and discovered my big cushy bed!”

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