Rehome a Pet

Humane Society Naples understands giving up your pet is a difficult decision. Before you rehome/surrender your pet, here are a few options to consider:


Many rental places allow pets, we recommend looking a pet-friendly housing in your area.

Financial Difficulties

We all go through hard times and understand money can be tight. Here are resources which can assist during financial difficulties effecting the ability to feed or provide medical attention to your pet.

Behavioral Concerns

Our Shelter Behaviorist Team is here to ensure your pet is a life-long member of your family. Develop a better relationship between you and your dog through Humane Society Naples’ behavior training classes. We believe that keeping pets in their loving homes is important. These training classes are constructed to teach both owner and dog to work together while strengthening their bond through education, communication and positive reinforcement. Learn more about HSN Behavior and Obedience workshops.

We understand giving up a beloved family pet can be a difficult decision. Humane Society Naples provides a non-judgemental approach to work with families in their time of need.

If you have read the available resources about rehoming your pet and still feel you need to return or surrender please fill out the appropriate form below as truthfully and detailed as possible. A representative from HSN will contact you once the form is received. Pet surrenders are by appointment only to ensure we have the space and resources to take care of the animal.

Intake Process

As space opens, an intake specialist will call you and arrange a good time for you to bring your pet in. When you arrive, we ask that you bring your pets food and familiar items; such as toys and a bed to help him/her adjust to the shelter environment. It is also recommended that you bring any previous medical records for your pet to insure they are fully vaccinated when coming into the shelter. Upon entering the receiving area, an intake specialist will ask you to fill out a comprehensive question about your pet’s personality to assist us in finding the perfect home. Please be sure to bring a government issued picture ID.