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Remembering Lori Keller Stuber

Lori Keller Stuber | Founder

With a heavy heart, we acknowledge the passing of our beloved co-founder and President Emeritus Lori Keller Stuber. Lori started what became Humane Society Naples after finding a stray dog in 1960, shortly after she moved to Naples. She called the local police, who told her to euthanize the dog to save them the trouble. Lori said no.

Instead, she began a network of home fosters that operated for two years until funds could be raised to build a small shelter designed by her husband, architect Walter Keller. With some land on the edge of the Naples Airport, Collier County’s first animal shelter was born.

We are incredibly indebted to Lori and the generous men and women who joined her in this initial effort. Since that first dog, Humane Society Naples has rescued more than 100,000 animals. We carry on her legacy proudly, even as we mourn her passing.

On a personal note, I’m grateful for the brief time I was able to spend with Lori since taking on the mantle of leadership for HSN. She was gracious with her encouragement and her ideas.

Sarah Baeckler Davis
Executive Director

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