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Saving Sami

Shhhhh. Don’t tell my dogs Butler, Fred and Ricky that I’ve been falling in love with another dog.

I started as Executive Director of this amazing organization just after Irma hit. I have been quietly getting up to speed and getting to know our staff, volunteers, and operations. What a gem this place is. And what gems we have in our halls! I want to tell you about my new love, Sami.

He’s been with us since July – too long! But we help our residents find a home no matter how long it takes. Sami’s a sweet old man with the most irresistible face ever. Just look at him.

Puppies fly out the doors here, and I get it – I adopted Ricky over the summer and he is pure fun. But Sami. Oh, Sami!

Last weekend I “sprung” Sami and took him home with me, just to give him a break from the shelter. My son and I made him a to-do list: bath (he was so good!), eat junk food (a few Pup-Peroni treats and half a bagel), chase squirrels (don’t worry, he’s too slow to catch them), howl his heart out, snuggle snuggle snuggle, play, take walks, take naps, have adventures. Check, check, check.


It was so humbling, and such an honor, to bring him home for a little breather. Our dog Fred (who hasn’t arrived from North Carolina yet) isn’t good with adult dogs, so we knew we couldn’t add Sami to our family, but oh my gosh, getting to give him some extra lovin’ for the weekend was a blast. It felt so good to pamper him.


Daniel on our shelter team told me that Sami came back happier and more spirited, so I know it was a good adventure for Sami too.

I’m THRILLED to say that right after that weekend, Sami got adopted! He’s going home with the sweetest couple, who see him for the sweetheart that he is, and made his long wait worth it.

This is the good stuff, and why we do what we do here at Humane Society Naples. There’s nothing better. Please come say hello to me at the shelter, and I’ll introduce you to whoever becomes my next love.

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