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August DeVoe Subaru Dog of the Month: Billy Joe

Billy Joe arrived at Humane Society Naples from Puerto Rico at the end of 2020 along with a letter from his foster. In that letter, HSN was able to learn more about where he came from and what condition he was found in, information not always available to shelters.

He was found on the streets of Puerto Rico, abandoned and scared of his surroundings. Billy Joe wouldn’t allow anyone to approach him and ultimately he was able to be caught using food because of how hungry he was. It was discovered he suffered from skin problems because of fleas and neglect. Thankfully, he did not suffer from any other medical issues and little by little, he began to gain weight and his skin condition improved. Soon he was ready to make the journey to HSN.

Given the circumstances he came from, Billy Joe can be wary when meeting new people. His time at HSN has improved his confidence but it’s best to let Billy Joe come to you when first meeting. After he gets comfortable is when you meet the real Billy Joe, a lovable and great dog who loves to play and relax. His striking eyes make come off as intimidating but soon enough you are able to see the affection behind them and the hope for a forever home.

When speaking with Gabe Waters, Director of Animal Care at HSN, he recommended a home with older children as sometimes younger children can surprise Billy Joe. There is also the potential to live with another dog but a meet and greet first is a must before bringing him home. “He’s a good boy and does not get a lot of looks at in the shelter because of his reactive behavior behind the glass but that isn’t an issue in the home,” said Waters. “He can bring the energy playing with a dog he knows well but tends to be pretty relaxed around people he knows.”

As our August DeVoe Subaru Dog of the Month, Billy Joe’s adoption fee is generously sponsored and his adoption includes a Subaru goody bag.

You can meet Billy Joe at the HSN Main Shelter, open Tuesday-Sunday from 11:00am-4:00pm. Staff and volunteers are more than ready to let you know what an amazing dog Billy Joe is and how he’s a wonderful companion to have as a part of your family.

Meet Billy Joe on Youtube: https://youtu.be/gbfQ6VwbsIU

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