Success Stories

Did you adopt your best furry friend from the Humane Society Naples?

We’d love a “pupdate” on your #HSNAlumni!

One of the most rewarding parts of working in animal welfare is not only seeing our animals adopted into loving furever homes, but getting those unexpected, heartwarming updates about how they’re doing months or even years after they’ve been adopted. Like seeing a photo of them curled up on the couch next to their most favorite person in the world, or stretched out on their backs and carefree on the carpet in a ray of sunlight, or doing zoomies around the backyard. The happy, content, adopted, loved, furry faces in those pictures are exactly why we do what we do.

So do you have photos, videos and stories to share? Well, get them ready to go, pet parents, because we would absolutely love to hear about how our former shelter pets are doing in their new homes. And if you wouldn’t mind, we’d love to feature your pet’s update on our social media as well.

“It’s beach day for Porter, Bailey and Kimber! I adopted Kimber almost six years ago now and Bailey about a year and a half ago. My girlfriend adopted Porter in October 2017. They have added so much to our lives and we love them so much. Thank you for all that you guys do and hope you enjoy the pictures!”

“Hey there! Just wanted to let y’all know that Kate (now Juniper) is absolutely loving her new home and fur brother, Forest! She’s such a sweet dog and the perfect match for our family. 💕 They are seriously so happy together. Thanks so much for rescuing this girl for us.”

“Trixie has been here a short amount of time, but seems to be adjusting well! She’s an awesome reading buddy.”

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