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There are Kittens Everywhere

THERE ARE KITTENS EVERYWHERE! Seriously, they’re everywhere. Humane Society Naples is filled with kittens that need a short-term foster home. Pictured is a team member with just one of the many kittens that need urgent placement. Some of them only need a foster for a few weeks. We will provide all supplies needed. This includes a travel crate, blankets, food, litter tray, litter, bowls and toys. We prefer kitties to go in pairs or groups and can work with you on your limits and available time.

When you foster, you are helping us save more lives. It opens space for more animals to be rescued and it keeps the young kittens safe from stress and germs of the shelter environment. It also ensures the kittens get the socialization and care that they desperately need at this age. If you feel like this is something you want to take on, don’t hesitate. Reach out to our Foster Coordinator immediately. If you can’t foster today, but can by the end of the week or anytime soon still reach out to her!

If you have ever even considered fostering PLEASE message us on Facebook, please email foster@hsnaples.org, call at 239-643-1555 x 19, send a smoke signal, just reach out! Let’s get these kittens out of the shelter. If you’re reading this, please share!

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