Virtual Adoption Process and Fees

Virtual Adoption Process

The health and safety of our visitors and staff is the number one priority at the Humane Society Naples. In order to minimize the risks from the novel coronavirus, we are following CDC recommendations about social distancing.

Steps to adopt:

  1. View our adoptable animals on our website.
  2. Complete and submit the adoption questionnaire below. Please note, you must be 18+ to adopt.
  3. An adoption counselor will be in touch with you no more than 24 hours to offer an adoption consultation based on the animals of interest and/or other animals that may be a better adoption match.
  4. We will schedule an appointment based on availability. We are currently offering 1 dog and 1 cat appointment per hour from 12pm to 4pm. This allows us 8 appointments per day.
  5. Please call (239-643-1555) when you arrive for your appointment, we will provide you with instructions based on if you have made a dog or cat appointment.


  • We strongly suggest the use of PPE, including face masks and gloves when visiting the shelter. Anyone coming inside the shelter will be asked to wear a face mask to protect the health of our adoption counsellors.
  • Depending on the animal of interest we may limit the number of a household coming in; some of our animals are exceptions and we would require the entire household to meet.
  • If you have a resident canine we may require a dog-to-dog meet and greet to adopt one of our canines. We require a valid rabies vaccine for the safety of our staff and dogs to conduct this.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment please contact us so we can offer that appointment slot to another potential adopter. You can contact us at 239-643-1555 to cancel or reschedule.
  • Interest in an animal does not guarantee an adoption for that animal.
  • If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 when you arrive for your appointment we have the right to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment.

Virtual Adoption Application

Adoption Fees


  • Puppies up to 5 months… $475
  • Dogs over 5 months – 7 years… $75
  • Dogs over 7 years … Name Your Price


  • Kittens up to 5 months… $75
  • Cats over 5 months – 7 years… $55
  • Cats over 7 years… Name Your Price

Small Animals

  • Gerbils, Hamsters, & Mice… $5 | Rats… $7
  • Guinea Pigs… $10 | Rabbits… $15
  • Hedge Hogs… $25 | Ferrets… $50

Why Consider an Adult Dog or Cat?

Adult pets are especially good for homes where the family is gone all day to school or work. An adult dog or cat can also be a great companion for an older adult. Adopting an adult pet minimizes the surprises – it ensures that the dog is the size desired, whether small or large and allows the family to choose a dog with the desired temperament, whether rambunctious, laid-back, confident, cuddly or shy.

Our Commitment

As a private, nonprofit agency, Humane Society Naples has made a commitment to save every healthy, behaviorally sound pet who comes through our doors and to never euthanize a pet because of lack of space. Because of this commitment, there may be times when we are unable to accept every pet due to space limitations. When this occurs, we will schedule an appointment for the next available opening or do our best to help owners find alternative solutions.

Appointment availability varies. To schedule an appointment to return your adopted pet, please call 239-643-1555.

Tips for the First 30 Days of Adoption