How to Help

Humane Society Naples is Collier County’s premier no-kill shelter, adoption center and full-service veterinary clinic. HSN does not receive funds from nor distribute resources to any national organization. We rely on private contributions and income generated from our operations to support our efforts. There are many ways you can help HSN provide comfort, care, and forever loving homes for our community’s orphaned pets. HSN depends on private donations to support its operations and community outreach efforts. Please consider making a gift online.

Other Ways to Donate

Forever honor your pet, family member, business or group with custom engraved brick pavers. The custom pavers will become a permanent part of our main shelter’s sidewalks and entry areas.

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HSN can also help you provide a dignified farewell and final resting place for your beloved pet’s remains, with the comforting knowledge that you are also providing support for countless numbers of orphaned pets in the process. Learn More

If you have an automobile or boat you wish to donate to HSN, please click here to learn more. Our partnership with Vehicles for Charity makes it easy for you to schedule pick up of your running/non-running car, truck, boat or other vehicles. Proceeds from the auction of your vehicle will return to HSN.

If you would like more information about how you can invest in the efforts, contact Jon Foerster at or 239-438-4624.

One enjoyable way to get involved with HSN is to attend our special fundraising events. From our annual Pet Lovers Gala to our extremely popular Run For the Paws held each January, our wide variety of events offers an opportunity meet great people, wonderful pets and to find out more about the work of HSN. Many companies and individuals choose to publicly demonstrate their love of animals and support of our no-kill shelter by sponsoring our fundraising events.

For additional information and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Meredith McLean at or 239-438-4616. View all upcoming events here.

Humane Society Naples is also proud to partner with your family and your professional advisors to ensure you have properly planned for your pets in the event of your death or incapacitation. Planning for pets in your estate can be very simple via a caretaker provision, but there may also be a need to explore more sophisticated planning vehicles such as a pet trust in your family’s particular situation.

As Collier County’s premier no-kill pet shelter, HSN can help ensure that if the need arises, your beloved pets will be cared for and placed in a loving home through our Remaining Best Friends Program. While no consideration of an estate gift is required for us to serve as an emergency or contingent caretaker of your pets, we would certainly appreciate your family’s philanthropy in support of HSN’s commitment to providing this unique and life-saving program to our community. It is important to seek professional advice when planning for your pets and your estate.

We are proud to work hand-in-hand with your attorney, financial advisor, accountant, trustees or executors to help ensure the well-being of your beloved pets. It is important that you communicate your intent with our shelter so that we may properly document any provisions and prepare for them accordingly.

For more information, please contact Jon Foerster at or 239-438-4624.

Shelter Naming Opportunities offer a way of honoring your family’s legacy at Humane Society Naples’ facilities. Please contact Jon Foerster at or 239-438-4624 for information about these very special giving possibilities.

Volunteer Program

Are you looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of animals in our community? Join our dedicated team of volunteers! Become part of our amazing team, joining our effort to find new homes for the pets in our care, educating the community and encouraging people to support our animals.

Foster a Pet

Why Should I Foster?

If you decide to become a Foster Care Volunteer for our organization you are having a direct positive impact on the animal you take into your home. You are giving them a loving, stress free environment to nurse, to grow or to recuperate. You become their whole world for a while.

By taking a litter or even just one animal into your home until they are adoptable, you will be helping in our no-kill mission. Our foster families enable us to save more lives by creating kennel space at our shelter so we are able to take in a greater number of vulnerable pets from local people and other rescue organizations.

Is Fostering For Me?

Before you commit to fostering think about these questions:

• Is my whole household happy with me bringing new animals into our home?
• Do I have a separate, safe, clean place where the foster animal can be isolated from other pets?
• Have I got the time for the work involved in taking care of extra pets and am I going to be able attend shelter appointments for their vaccinations or for medical needs?
• Can I emotionally handle giving them back to the shelter when they are ready for adoption?

Foster Application

Testimonials From Fosters

Please consider opening your heart and home by becoming a part of our foster team and in return you’ll receive unconditional love and a lifetime of memories!

  • Ron and I are Canine Coach volunteers here at Humane Society Naples. It is our belief that our job is to make the fur kids at the shelter adoptable… to teach them trust, teach them to love and to be loved without fear. In doing this, we have had the opportunity to foster a couple of fur kids who we felt needed to be a part of a loving home and a chance to be in an atmosphere that would allow them to relax, enjoy life in a home setting… just for a few days. When they return to the shelter, they display behavior that makes them stand out in the crowd so to speak. We always fall in love with the fur kids we foster. Chubby fit right in to our home and we adopted her. Rico was adopted at the shelter soon after we had him in our home. There is always a special needs fur kid that needs just a couple of days in a home setting with love and a giving heart. Seeing the needy ones become more self-confident and trusting… That is what we, as Canine Coaches, get out of the Foster Program.

    We always fall in love with our fur kids we foster.
  • I was always interested in helping animals, but my job required long hours and travel leaving me no time for “hands on” helping animals. I made donations, but that was it. I decided that when I did retire, I would work directly with animals and the incidence of breast cancer gave me the wake up call to change my activities toward things I would enjoy. I was retired by then, so I had the time, and the Maryland shelter provided me with the opportunity. Eleven years later, between the Humane Society Naples and two shelters on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I have fostered over 350 kittens. The kittens have given my husband (chief helper at kitten nap time) and me endless joy, hilarious entertainment, and occasional moments of sadness. Our fosters receive lots of hugs, kisses, cuddles, interactive play and plenty of lap (and nap) time. We come to love them while they are with us, and it is very difficult to say goodbye as they go on to find their forever homes. In fact, we are “failed fosters” too, in the sense that we have adopted 6 of our foster babies. I feel I have found something that I was meant to do, and my husband is experiencing the human/animal bond that he missed out on as a child. Pat Murphy

    I have fostered over 350 Kittens.